Although Men Are Banned From Wearing Shorts To Work, Wearing a Dress Is Acceptable

June 23, 2017

© Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime

Hot summer temperatures are being felt by a lot of people, including 20-year old Joey Barge.  Although Joey works inside in a call center, the heat can make sitting at a desk unbearable.  So one day last week, he decided to wear shorts to work.

However his employer has a dress code that forbids people from wearing shorts and he was sent home to change.  While Joey was upset at having to put on hot pants, he was annoyed that although shorts were banned, skirts and dresses were not.  So you can guess what happens next, Joey rummaged through his mother's closet and found a pink and black dress. 

After posing for a few pictures to share online, Joey headed back to the office in his mother's dress. 

Although he knew he'd be sent home again or perhaps terminated from his job, he did make a valid point to management.  The company sent out a companywide memo alerting the staff of the change in the dress code, which now allows men to wear 3/4 length shorts in black, navy or beige colors.

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