Almost Half Of Americans Are Skipping A Summer Vacation

June 19, 2018

© Jason Stitt | Dreamstime

As American as Mom and apple pie is the summer vacation but nearly half of Americans say they’re staying home this summer. A survey found that 49% of those surveyed said they're skipping the summer vacation because they cannot afford it. Although unemployment is at a historic low many people are struggling to make ends meet. Older Americans are more likely to say they’re not going on vacation this summer due to family obligations rather than work-related commitments. Millennials are most likely to say they can’t go on vacation because there’s too much on their plates. They’re also more inclined to say that their financial situation is keeping them from taking time off. As for all those precious days off, only 36% said they'd use all their vacation time with 13% saying they're not using any.

SOURCE: Bankrate

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