An Allergy Treatment That Uses Toothpaste Instead Of Injections

May 21, 2018

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For those with allergies the only way to get some sort of relief is to take an allergy test and go through years of injections that slowly causes your body to not over-react to allergens.  Not only is this immunotherapy time consuming, visiting the allergist for weekly injections for 3 to 5 years, it can be agonizing being a human pin cushion! But there is another way that will keep your arms free of weekly injections and it's a toothpaste. With around 50 million American suffering from allergies, the thought of brush away allergic reactions is music to our ears. The creator of the immunotherapy toothpaste, called Allerdent, is an allergist who says it is hard for to get people to come in for their allergy shots, especially children and adolescents who benefit the most from immunotherapy. He worked on an oral solution that would do the same work as injectable and eventually came across a delivery system that uses your gums instead of your arms.  The allergy desensitizing toothpaste is still fairly new to the market and its drawbacks are that many insurance companies may not cover it. However the future looks promising for those suffering severe respiratory allergies and a version to address specific food allergies is in the works too.

SOURCE: Popular Science

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