Alexa's Kids Court Skill Settles Squabbles Between Children

March 14, 2018

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Parents are the original multi-tasker.  Chef, taxi, doctor and of course referee.  Whither it's the cry of one child saying another one is cheating at a game or crying out the injustice of getting one less cookie than the other!  Some good news for you parents, instead of you being judge, jury and executioner, let Alexa help.  A new skill called Kids Court lets kids take all their complaints to Judge Lexy, an objective judge who will help them settle their battles. First, say “Alexa, open Kids Court” on any Alexa device. The session begins with a bugle introduction and the sound of a gavel. Judge Lexy asks for statements from the prosecutor and the defendant (kids can ask “What’s a prosecutor?” if they’re unsure). Then it’s time to call witnesses and present any evidence. As the children speak, Judge Lexy picks up on keywords, and responds. (Don’t worry—no information about the users is stored, and the skill complies with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.) The conversation feels seamless, and Judge Lexy works in some silly quips and surprises. The grand finale is the verdict. An algorithm is used to find if the defendant is guilty or not guilty. Judge Lexy states her decision, along with a funny dare that the losing side must execute (i.e. “Try to stand on your hands.”). If the kids aren’t satisfied with the decision, they can file for an appeal.  The free skill was developed by Adva Levin, who says it teaches kids how to stand up for themselves in a calm manner, to articulate their problems coherently, and to take responsibility for their actions. Not to mention it introduces how the law works in a fun way and yes, adults can use it too.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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