Alexa Seary Shares Her Name With Amazon and Apple Digital Assistants

March 15, 2017


This has been a difficult week for one woman who attends Stockton University in California. With a lot of media attention focused on the possibility of the government using our technology to spying on us through voice activated devices, she has been the butt of many jokes even more than normal. As luck would have it, the 21-year old student's name says it all, Alexa Seary. She shares her name with the Amazon electronic personal assistant, Alexa and Apple's Siri. She says since Siri was introduced in 2011, her last name became the butt of jokes with her friends calling out commands to her like she was a computer.  Things settled down until Amazon released the Echo and its personal assist’s name, Alexa, whack stirred up a new set of jokes. Alexa, who has Siri on her phone, could never have an Amazon Echo in her house because it would be a 'complete disaster'. But she is taking it with a grain of salt, having the names of the two dominant voice activated personal assistants is a nice ice breaker, she says.  Ironically, Alexa Seary is studying communications and plans to work in the technology field.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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