Alcohol May Add Years To Your Life, But There's A Catch

June 21, 2018

After a 9 year study, alcohol can help you live a longer life! However before you toast your adult beverage to the news, too much alcohol can actually shorten it! Scientist took a look at the drinking habits of 100,000 adults aged 55 to 74 and found that those who say they never drink alcohol have a 7% higher chance of earlier death or being diagnosed with cancer that those who consumed alcohol. In addition, those who say they put away three or more drinks a day had a 20% higher chance of earlier death or being diagnosed with cancer. But that daily dose of alcohol is actually less than the recommended maximum guidelines set by the government of one drink a day for women and two for men.  While alcohol may help you avoid an earlier death, only a small amount is needed, which is less than 12oz alcoholic drink a day.  The study stresses these results should not encourage you to drink but rather provide robust evidence so that people can make informed, healthy decisions about their alcohol intake.


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