Alarm Clock Stuck Inside Walls Goes Off Daily For 13 Years

June 19, 2017

© Cobalt88 | Dreamstime

Everyone makes a mistake every now and then, but to be reminded of that mistake every single day, at the same time, for 13 years is mind-numbing!  It all started back in 2004, when homeowner Jerry Lynn was looking to add cable TV into a room.  The trick is where to drill the hole from downstairs, where the cable was, to an upstairs room so that the cable would pass through without problem.  Perplexed on how to do it, Jerry came up with the idea of tying a digital alarm clock on a string and drop it in between the wall.  When the audible alarm went off, he would know where to drill.  So he set the alarm to go off in ten minutes as he hurried to dangle the clock through a vent down the wall to the right spot. Unfortunately for Jerry, as he was dropping the clock tin between the walls, he heard a thunk.  The clock came loose from the string and was entombed inside two walls.  Jerry is now reminded of his blunder as the clock's has chimed every night for 13 years at 7:50pm, and 6:50pm during Daylight Saving Time. Jerry's wife, Sylvia, thought they'd have to hear the daily alarm for a few months but two President's later, the alarm still chimes nightly, softly at first and them becoming loud before finally silencing itself until the next day.

SOURCE: CBS Pittsburgh

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