Alachua County Sheriff Deputy Discovers 24 Bottles Of Moonshine In Car

February 1, 2017


When you think of moonshine, generally it’s of the days of past, with bootleggers and stills played a game of cat and mouse to avoid being caught by the law.  In 2017 it's hard to imagine much moonshining still occurs.  So you could imagine the surprise Monday morning, when an Alachua County Sheriff deputy pulled over heading south of I-75 just beyond Micanopy.  As the deputy talks with the driver, he notices something unusual in the car, gallon water bottles.  However water wasn't inside these bottles.  Upon further inspection, the deputy has discovered 24 gallons of moonshine! Joe Lewis Edwards III of Georgia was arrested and charged with Moving or Concealing Beverage with the Intent to Defraud State of Tax, Unapproved Container & Possession of Moonshine Whiskey.


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