Airline Test Two Door Exit To Empty Planes Faster

June 20, 2017

Spent any time listening to the safety video on an airplane, you know it has several exits to use.  So why do we still all enter and exit from just one door?  It appears that Southwest Airlines is tackling the issue with a pilot program at two airports that is allowing passengers to exit the plane from both the front and rear doors. Dubbed the dual door de-planing system, once the airplane has arrived, the jetway attaches to the front airplane door for those in the front part of the airplane, while the back door is also opened, allowing passengers to walk down the stairs and into the terminal building.  For now only Southwest flights into Sacramento International Airport and San Jose International Airport are having a choice of doors to de-plane.  Southwest says if it's successful they'll begin to implement it across all of the airports they serve.

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

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