The Age We Begin To Hate Our Jobs

August 23, 2017

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You may remember the day you started your job and were madly in love with it.  More likely you remember the day you started to hate it, probably in your 35th year of life.  According to a study of office drones for 1/5 of people are unhappy at work and the first study to suggest burnout occurs must faster than once thought. 25% of 35 to 54 year olds feel underappreciated with 29% of workers 55 and older agreeing.  As for workers under 35, only 8% said they are dissatisfied. The survey discovered workplace stress was the largest factor affecting older workers.  Creative dissatisfaction, struggling to find a happy work-life balance and feeling under-appreciated were all top reasons. However you can improve your attitude by making work friends as well as volunteering for projects, committees and groups that personally excite you.  In essence, you turn a work project into a personal one and that sparks passion. As for employers, the study stress that a little appreciation could go a long way.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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