Advocates Say To Stop Hashtagging Your Kid's Photos For Their Safety

April 9, 2018

Pictures social media to bring us all closer and while we love to post pictures of our friends and family, we need to remember that those photos can be seen by the world. While it may be sweet to share photos of your children, there are bad elements that are searching for those pictures.  And with the additions of hashtags, it is even easier for predators and sex offenders to search out photos of your kids, with seemingly harmless as #pottytraining and #bathtime can be easily searched, manipulated, misused and repost them on other sites. While you may have your photos set to a private group, the person taking the photo for their social media may not. Even more worrisome is the location feature which could be used as a homing beacon to your neighborhood.  So be mindful of where your kids photos will be posted and shared, avoid intimate hashtags and consider making a secret Facebook group for friends and family, where you can only join by invitation, share photos that cannot be viewed by anyone outside the group and cannot be searched for outside the group. This option isn't available for the most popular photo sharing site, Instagram, but changing your profile from public to private will keep your photos visible to your followers only and out of public view.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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