Advice On How To Sleep On An Airplane

December 8, 2017

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Trying to catch some sleep on an airplane is one of the most challenging quests known to humankind, unless you are fortunate enough to fly first class. But there may be certain spots in economy that make for the best shut-eye. First, pick a seat near the front of the airplane, which generally offer a smoother ride with turbulence felt more at the rear and less around the wings.  Also noise from the engines is noticed more near the rear. For a nap pick the window seat as you can lean against the window. Then there is legroom and while many airlines charge more for you to seat in an exit row (and of course you must be over 15 years old and willing to assist people if an emergency evacuation is issued), you can opt for a seat behind a bulkhead.  It is generally the first row of economy and it offers more legroom. Picking your seat comes down to the type of airplane flown.  So check your reservation to find out the type of aircraft you will be flying and then visit web sites like which uses passenger data to help guide you in the best and worst seats.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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