Adopt A Piece Of Space Junk For The Holidays

November 28, 2016

© Johan63 | Dreamstime

Every year there is one person on your gift list that is hard to find the perfect present.  This might be just the one for them, adopting them a piece of space junk that will Tweet them every time it is overhead.  London's Royal Astronomical Society launched a special project called Adrift last week, which is an interactive art project that highlights the nearly 200 million pieces of garbage orbiting Earth.  The project is keeping tabs about 27,000 pieces of space junk in real time and turns them into music as they pass overhead. The art project also allows anybody to adopt one of three different pieces of space junk, which will tweet at you every time the object passes overhead. Your choices are Vanguard 1, the first solar powered satellite, launched by the United States in 1958 making it the oldest object still in orbit and will continue for another 240 years.  You can choose a piece from Fengyun-1C, a Chinese weather satellite that was intentionally destroyed by China with an anti-satellite missile in 2007. Or SuitSat, a Russian spacesuit filled with trash and pushed out of the International Space Station in 2006 with a radio unit attached to it for tracking.  It quickly fell out of its intentional orbit. The art project highlights the growing problem of space junk how to collect it.

SOURCE: Motherboard

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