Add This Secret Ingredient To Your Chicken Stock For The Best Taste Ever

September 19, 2017

© Catalina Zaharescu Tiensuu | Dreamstime

As hard as it may to believe just autumn starts a week from Friday and eventually the weather will cool down and thoughts of comfort foods will begin to swell in our heads.  And one thing the Great Recession has taught us is to be resourceful and thrifty with our funds.  So you've learned to make your own chicken stock for meals and for those cold and flu days destined to invade your home. Whether you make your stock from fresh ingredients or saved-up scraps, one secret ingredient will help make your chicken stock extra rich and delicious. That ingredient is vinegar. According to The Kitchn web site, adding a few tablespoons of acid when you start simmering your stock will help break down the collagen in chicken bones and tissue, releasing extra gelatin. The result is a finished broth that gels up in the refrigerator, but even hot you’ll notice the difference—richer texture and taste. But is isn't limited to vinegar, any food acid will work, such as lemon or lime juice.  However vinegar will be less noticeable after cooking.  So give it a try next time you make stock and see if you taste the difference.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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