Access Hidden Features On Your Internet TV Streamer

November 9, 2017

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How we watch To has changed so much in our lifetime and thanks to Internet video streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, you can tailor your TV viewing more than ever.  What is even better is that all four of these video streaming devices have features you may not even know about, until now.  So we're breaking down each device and we'll unveil their hidden features.

Roku has thousands of streaming channels but did you know it can access hundreds of "private" channels too? Visit the Roku web site or other database web sites to find them.  Once you've found one you want, log into your account on Roku’s website. Under "Manage Account" look for “Add Channel With a Code.” Each private channel has a special code to enter. You can also enable Instant Reply to catch a missed part of dialogue! To enable instant replay, go to “Settings,” then “Captions,” and then “Instant Replay.”

Chromecast users can mirror your tiny laptop screen to your big TV.  Go to Chrome’s menu options and select “Cast.” After you select the device that you want to cast, select “Tab” or “Desktop” to cast on a TV. If you’re having a party and you want your guests to play music or a video from their device, they can access your Chromecast without having access to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Turn on your Chromecast/Google Home app on your smartphone, then select the device you want to enable. Go to “Settings” and tap “Guest Mode” to turn it on. Now your guests can cast media from their smartphones to your TV without a Wi-Fi password. Experience virtual reality without the expensive headgear.  Just download the Google Cardboard app, mirror your phone to your 3D TV, and set it to SBS (side-by-side) mode. Now use the 3D glasses that came with your TV to experience an immersive world in your living room.

Apple TV has built-in Bluetooth, so pairing a keyboard, headphone, speakers or game controllers is simple! Simply pair a device under the “Settings” option and “Remotes and Devices.” You can also watch, pause and rewind live programs through your Apple TV if you have a cable subscription and activate the "Single Sign-On" app.  Once signed in, you can ask Siri to tune in live by saying “Hey Siri! Watch ESPN Live.” Apple TV will then load a live stream of ESPN, or other TV networks that offer apps such as ABC, NBC, Fox and Disney Channel.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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