99% of Third Party Phone Chargers Fail Safety Test

December 5, 2016

© Nitsuki | Dreamstime

Earlier this year we discussed the dangers to your smart phone by using a third-party charger in which it could damage the phone.  Now a new report out not only confirms that information, but says the cheaper iPhone cords do not adequately protect users from an electrical shock. Underwriters Lavatories (UL) tested 400 Apple iPhone chargers not made my Apple and found only three chargers were insulated well enough to protect against electric shocks. That's a 99% failure rate. Even woes that 12 of the chargers were so poorly designed and constructed that they posed a risk of lethal electrocution.  How can you spot a fake?  In typical Apple fashion, only UL genuine Apple power adaptors are made in white. Also Apple controls prices on their products, so a Genuine Apple iPhone adapters retail for approximately $19. An unusually low price for an adapter is one of the classic indicators it might be counterfeit.


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