HBO MayBe Bracing For An Exodus Of Paying Customer Now That Game fo Thrones Is Over

May 21, 2019

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With the end of Game of Thrones, many fans are ending their relationship with HBO.  The network that is home to the fantasy dram has enjoyed one of the most watched series in recent time. In fact the season 8 finale was viewed by 19.3 million subscriptions through cable and their apps, which is now the record-holder for the series. By comparison, 11.9 million people watched the final 2007 episode of HBO’s mafia drama “The Sopranos.” But now that it's over, m,any are pressing the cancel button for HBO.  Partially due to the outcome of the series finale and partially due to the end of the series, a consumer electronics analyst market research company estimates that HBO subscriptions will drop by roughly 20% in the coming days. Searches on Google for “cancel HBO subscription” spiked within hours after Sunday's show. The battle is now in streaming services as HBO is currently dueling with video-subscription services Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime for the next big bit.  Not to mention additional competition on the way from Apple and Disney, which are launching their own services later this year.  Not to mention the costs of HBO. The network charges $15 a month via the cable company or its stand along HBO Now app, which is one of the highest-priced services. Compared to Hulu plans starting at $5.99, Netflix plans starting at $8.99 and Amazon Prime's annual $119 plan breaking down to roughly $10 a month, it may be an easy move for cash-conscious customers to wave bye-bye. However unlike Netflix, HBO doesn't drop an entire series all at once making cancelling a bit more difficult when fans discover new show and the network has several in the works, including the upcoming “The Watchmen,” inspired by the 1986 dark graphic novel.  Time will tell if the end of Game of Thrones will signal the end or a new beginning for the pau TV service, at least on the Internet.

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SOURCE: MarketWatch

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