Get Paid To Watch Marvel Movies

March 22, 2019

4 March 2019 - Hollywood, California - Brie Larson. Marvel Studios "Captain Marvel" Premiere held at El Capitan Theatre. Photo Credit: Faye Sadou/AdMedia/Sipa USA

Captain Marvel continues to soar in movie theaters, selling over $800 million in tickets worldwide since its release two weeks ago. It is the latest Marvel movie that has brought comic book characters to super stardom. However Disney's Marvel Studios is set to release another movie in the Avengers series. Avengers: Endgame is set to be released April 26th and you are that uber fan that plans life around Marvel movie releases, this is the job for you! is offering one fan the chance to binge on all 20 Marvel movies, voice your opinion, set cool movie swag and pocket $1,000! This Marvel Movie Marathon Dream Job is a time consuming task.  The web site is looking for you to power-watch approximately two days’ worth of proper blockbuster Marvel movies, tweet, post and share your experiences on social media while tagging In exchange, you'll be loaded up with Marvel swag, such as a Captain America popcorn popper and Iron Man snuggie and of course get paid $1,000. If this sounds like the job for you or someone you know, fill out the online application that includes a short story as to why you should be picked, include your level of Marvel expertise/fanaticism, and social media platforms you’re active on (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, etc.). Make sure your application is completed by April 15th. CLICK HERE to apply!

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