Service Aims To Defend Those Bullied On Social Media Platforms

May 2, 2019

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No one could've guessed how much social media impacts our lives a decade ago. But we now know that mixed in with its positives of making a big world smaller, there is a dark side. A recent study found that 41% have been harassed online. It found that name calling and embarrassment as the most common forms of cyber bullying from so-called trolls. While social media platforms attempt to combat trolls with mute filters, another survey found nearly three-quarters of people think social media sites don’t do enough to safeguard their users. That has led to the launch of a 'troll slaying’ service, which people can use some extra support on social media. You can either pay to have someone defend them online, or get paid to help defend others who are receiving online abuse. People who sign up to the service to help defend others will be known as ‘troll slayers’, and they can be hired by anyone who finds themselves the target of online abuse, or who is worried about being targeted on social media. People who are looking to hire a troll slayer can speak to their online confidant about particular issues close to their heart and how they wish to be defended. The service costs around $20 an hour. If you are a good troll slayer yourself, minus any abusive language posts, you can sign up t defend others. Co-founder, Kai Feller hopes that the service "can restore a bit of balance online and make social media a place for constructive comment and debate again." CLICK HERE to begin and enter "Troll Slayer" in the service box.

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