Report Show No Increase of Cancer Risk In Menopausal Women Prescribed Testosterone Treatments

November 14, 2018

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Testosterone is generally associated with men but a new report suggest menopausal women could benefit from testosterone gel in attacking tiredness, depression and low libido. While health care professionals has known the positives of testosterone treatment in women who have gone through the change, the concerns that testosterone could increase breast cancer risks as the testosterone is converted to estrogen in the blood and in some women, estrogen can stimulate breast cancer cells. While women's bodies produce testosterone, it is five times as less as it's produced in men and drops significantly during and after menopause. It is this increased risk of cancer that keeps many doctors from the treatment.  But a new report has found there is no evidence that testosterone significantly increases the risk of breast cancer in these women and it does improve libido. The new review analyzed three trials involving almost 2,000 post-menopausal women who were all using testosterone patches did not show an increase in cancer over a four year period. The study is to be published next month in the journal Anticancer Research in December.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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