Google Maps Used To Catch Wife Cheating

October 16, 2018

© Sirinarth Mekvorawuth | Dreamstime

It's still a marvel to see the Google Maps car around town.  You periodically check to see if you or your car made the street view feature of Google maps.  While some people do funny antics in hopes of being a local celebrity, some people would rather not be seen. Recently a man in Lima, Peru divorced his wife after he caught her cheating with another man while the Google Map car drove by! The man was planning a route using Google Maps and noticed a woman sitting on a bench that had similar clothes to his wife.  Upon further inspection he identified her as his wife.  He also noticed that his wife was stroking the hair of another man, who was lying on the bench, with his head in her lap. Once more the photo was from 2013!  Reportedly the man angrily confronted his wife who admitted she had an affair. The photograph is one of a long line of bizarre images taken for the Google Maps and Google Street View online resources. They include people dressed as pigeons, an escaped convict, a couple having adult relations by their car and a woman giving birth.

SOURCE: Mirror

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