Increase Your Odds Of Winning On A Lottery Scratch Off Ticket

April 30, 2019


Spending a dollar or two on a lottery scratch off is a fun hobby for many but let's face it, it would be awesome to win a big cash prize from "a scratcher." So employ this little hack to improve your odds of winning. Essentially, each state lottery board has a place on its website where you can see what scratchers have had their top prizes claimed, and which ones still have that big win available. The idea here is you’re not shelling out $20 on a scratcher where you could potentially win a million when the million was claimed weeks ago. On the Florida Lottery website, click on "play" for a drop down menu and select "remaining top prizes" under the scratch off menu. As to today (4/30/19), you will see that 7 of the 8 $500,000 prizes for "$500,000 Crossword Extra Play" have already been claimed, while only 5 of the 13 $250,000 prizes in the "Pac-Man" scratch off game have been claimed. So your odds of winning the $250,000 prize is better. Of course, knowing that a top prize is still available doesn’t ensure that you’re going to be the person to win that prize, but if you’re choosing between two scratchers that initially had identical odds, choosing the one that still has more prizes available definitely gives you a better chance of success. Happy scratching and good luck!

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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