The Best Way To Re-Heat French Fries

January 14, 2020
french fries

French fries are incredible when they first emerge from the fryer.  However they are lackluster when re-heating them in your to-go box. While you could re-fry them, who has the time or want the hassle of doing that?  Instead, reach for your waffle iron.  Just heat it to its highest setting, place a handful of cold, sad fries in the center, and smash ‘em in between the hot plates.  Once you see dark, golden brown pockets of waffled fries, plate and consume them immediately. . Smashing them in the waffle maker will drive off the moisture that’s sogging up the exterior, while also creating crispy and crunchy nooks and crannies (extra surface area), with a texture that’s very similar to a home fry-style breakfast potato.

SOURCE: Skillet

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