Dating App Matches Singles Based On Contents Inside Their Refrigerator

March 19, 2019

© Okssi68 | Dreamstime

There's a dating app for dog lovers, red heads, those of certain religions and even one that matches singles based on the contents inside their refrigerator! Samsung has created the Refrigerdating app, which pairs up those with similar food interests. Users download the app, peep at pictures of other singles’ refrigerators, and then decide if they’re interested. Considering Samsung offers a refrigerator that uses cameras inside and a screen on the door that allows you to view the contents inside your refrigerator without opening the door, this app may be a bit of a ploy to sell refrigerators.  However anyone can download the free app and previous studies have shown links between food preferences and personality types (risk-takers may prefer spicy food, for example). Download the app here.

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