LinkedIn Helpful Hints To Boost Your Chances Of Landing A Better Job

August 16, 2018

LinkedIn is quickly becoming the preferred recruiting tool for potential employers.  The largely shunned social media platform is today as the newspaper want ads were twenty years ago and just like your resume, your LinkedIn profile needs to stand out from the pack.  So here are some great LinkedIn features that you might not actually know about. Be creative with your headline. While you may be a sales representative, jazz it up with a creative twist like "marketing genius that gets results." Play around with the wording or phrasing that will stand out, and let them know exactly what you have to contribute. Add links to your work on your profile. If you have any samples of your work, you should definitely add them to your profile. People like to see articles where your work has been showcased, a recent campaign you’re proud of, or a portfolio sharing your projects in more detail, it sets you ahead of the rest. Add recommendations, and make sure to update them. While placing references on your resume is a waste of space, on LinkedIn it may be helpful. But equally important is to make sure those recommendations and references are up to date.  Ask for recent recommendations from people that can highlight different strengths and skills you bring to the table and if your most recent recommendation was over two years ago, it’s time to get some new ones. Finally, if you are actively seeking a new job, then adjust your LinkedIn settings to reflect it. If you want your profile to be picked up by recruiters, let them know by heading to your account preferences, clicking on privacy and then job seeking preferences. You can even write a short note to recruiters to introduce yourself, share what you’re looking for, and pitch your top selling points.

SOURCE: Hello Giggles

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