Are Children Playgrounds Too Safe?

November 15, 2019

© Olesia Bilkei | Dreamstime


Not too long ago in the recent past, kid playgrounds were brutal.  Asphalt-covered ground with hard metal monkey bars, slides frayed ropes were common. But today's playgrounds are vastly different.  With safety being the prime directive, everything about playgrounds, from the materials used to the equipment’s design to the fencing that keeps kids from wandering off, is planned with safety in mind. Even the “ground” itself of our newer playgrounds is often made of recycled rubber. It is causing some parents to re-think this trend. It has sparked the growth of "adventure playgrounds," where you’re more likely to find kids hammering nails into scrap wood, climbing into abandoned boats, rafting in muddy ponds or making musical instruments out of old cans and bottles. Some of the spaces look like literal junkyards.  North American Adventure Play Association is looking to put more "adventure playgrounds" on the map and say that unstructured play is good for children. It’s how they learn to take risks, deal with the unexpected and utilize the resources in front of them. And you can’t deny the simple thrills of balancing on a rope bridge or making mud pies out of real mud.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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