Can You Think Harder To Become Slimmer?

September 20, 2018

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Your mind is always working, even when you wish it would be quiet for a moment.  So with all that energy being used by you noggin, how many calories does it consume a day?  Well it depends on what you’re thinking about.  Neurologist say that our brain is a snob when it comes to the type of energy it needs to function.  It runs exclusively on sugar glucose and strenuous cognitive activities require more glucose than simple ones. During a difficult memorization task the parts of your brain involved in memory formation will start consuming more energy. You will in fact burn more energy during an intense cognitive task than you would vegging on the couch watching Netflix. But the difference in calorie burn from one mental task to another is a tiny amount. While the brain represents just 2% of your total body weight, it accounts for 20% of the body’s energy use. That means during a typical day, a person uses about 320 calories just to think. But if you’re hoping to think yourself slim, you’re out of luck. Switching from a mundane though process to an intensely concentrating task causes your brain to use about 5% more energy. Even if you were to keep your brain immersed in difficult mental pursuits all day long, this 5% change wouldn’t add up to much. You would expend more energy by simply pacing back and forth. Estimates are that a person doing cognitively challenging work for eight hours would burn about 100 more calories than a person watching TV or daydreaming for the same amount of time.


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