How To Get Creases Out Of Your Leather Shoes

April 19, 2019

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You absolutely love these new leather shoes! They’re stylist, comfortable and you wear them all the time. Unfortunately the more you wear leather shoes, they lose their luster with unsightly creases where your foot bends. However there is a hack you can use to flatten out those creases and keep those shoes looking new for a long time.  You'll need hot water, an iron, a small towel or cloth and some socks, old clothes, or tissue paper to stuff inside your shoes. Start off by stuffing your shoes full of the socks/old clothes/tissue paper to the point where you can’t see the crease anymore and when you press on the top of the shoe it doesn’t move. Next wet your towel in hot water and wring out the water until it is damp. Place the towel on top of the shoe, and then iron the creased area through the towel. Be careful as it is easy to burn your shoe, pick the iron up continuously and lift the towel up some to check on your progress. Repeat the process until most, if not all, of those wrinkles are gone.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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