This is The Worst Type of Boss

August 3, 2018

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There are some great leaders in the office that truly inspire you to do your job better.  However there are some terrible bosses that make you want to pull your hair out in frustration and while having a bully of a boss or a micro-manager, there is one that beat them in the bad department.  Employees say being ignored is worse than being bullied. According to a recent survey, neglect was ranked tops with 57% complaining their boss doesn't give clear directions and 52% disappointed their boss does not have time to meet with them. While it may sound like a slice of heaven to have an absent boss, managers that are rarely in the office and often unresponsive by phone, email or text, generally offload almost everything on their plate to subordinates, routinely cancel meetings can make your life a nightmare. Decisions have to be delayed, excuses have to be made for another cancelled meeting and the worst part is these bosses can fly under the radar or get a pass from higher-ups for the very reason that they are invisible. Even if executives are aware that someone isn’t actively leading, they probably have other people to worry about, such as one of being charged with sexual harassment, or one of whom is an arrogant jerk, so the absentee leader gets put on the backburner. But all is not lost.  Make the most of your freedom and take charge. Taking on your manager’s responsibilities, making your own decisions and possibly even directing your colleagues are great skills that you can leverage toward a promotion within your organization, or in fielding a better offer elsewhere. As easy as it may sound, don't throw to absent boss under the buss. Calling out your manager will only put them on the defensive and make you look like you need someone to hold your hand. Instead, drop tactful hints that you need help. For example, approach them for a meeting like, ‘One of my goals this year is to be more proactive with my career, and it would be really helpful for me if I can get on your calendar two times a month, for 30 minutes even, just to check in and keep you posted on what’s going on.’ Someone who really is an absentee leader is much more likely to go for something if you take a proposed to solution to them rather than a question. You deserve to seek out a supervisor who is present in his or her position, who will guide you in yours, so if you aren't getting that comradery, then find another job.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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