Website Where You Can Trade Out Your Hobbies Or Skills For Free Hotel Accommodations

November 14, 2018

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Travelers have always been limited to the funds needed to not only reach your destination but to stay there comfortably.  Well now, at least in the accommodations department, you can stay for free in exchange for goods and services you can offer.  November 19th through the 23rd is known as World Barter Week and thanks to the new global Barter Week program, you can trade out your hobbies as payment at close to 500 properties across the world, mostly Bed & Breakfasts. Each location listed on the Barter Week website includes photos of the B&B, a description of the space, reviews and maps of each location. Some accommodations also have a set of “barter wishes,” but most leave the barter offer up to you. So if you can teach the Tango, are good at gardening, able to teach English or love to balance out a spreadsheet (hey, some people love crunching numbers), you can list what you'd be willing to do for the desired length of stay.  Once an offer has been placed, the host will either accept or reject the offer and negotiate with travelers to finalize the deal. While the highlight is World Barter Week, many B&Bs offer barter deals all year. This may be the perfect way for you to do something you love as a hobby and earn free room and board in another city or country and create a vacation that not only is thrifty but truly relaxing. Interested? Start HERE!

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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