Working From Home When Coronavirus Shuts Us Down For Weeks (With Kids)

March 13, 2020

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The reality of coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking hold in our community. That means many of us may soon find ourselves firing up our computers from home while we deal with kids who are off from school indefinitely. Add the potential for a self-quarantine on top of that is now a real possibility. That means trying to get projects completed in a house filled with kids with cooped-up energy...and it can be for weeks! How can you do it? Prepare now to survive an extended work-from-home situation with little kids. Have a snack area or snack drawer for kids so they can help themselves (i.e., not bother you every 20 minutes). Let it be a snack free-for-all, at least for as long as supplies last. Really need to get through a phone call? Set a timer for 30 minutes of quiet play. They can run screaming to you when it goes off (just make sure your call is no longer than 29 minutes). Let them play with toilet paper. You’ve stocked up, you’ve got plenty to spare. Let them tear up old magazines. We’re desperate here. Let them color on themselves in washable marker. Lenz calls this game “tattoo parlor,” and her kids loved it. Of course, it’s also important to keep in mind that being able to work from home—even with little kids running amok—is a privilege that many workers don’t have. As challenging as it can be, it’s more challenging to not have the option at all.

SOURCE: Offspring

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