Workplace Distractions And Interruptions Are Keeping Most Employees From Doing Their Jobs Efficiently

September 5, 2018

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Another sign that a four day work week makes sense.  A new survey finds that 78% of full-time workers say they could do their job in under seven hours each day if they could work uninterrupted. All these interruptions are causing us to work longer, considering almost half (45%) of the respondents think they could wrap things up in just five hours or less leading to a shorter work day and week. What kind of interruptions are slowing us down? 86% say they lose the most time on work-specific tasks unrelated to their core job, with “fixing a problem not caused by me.”  Administrative work, meetings and customer issues are also blamed for work interruptions. However the generations say their time suck sources are different.  For Baby Boomers, is it fixing other people’s mistakes, Gen Xers say it's meetings, Millennials say social media is a time waste and Gen Zers (yes, they're now old enough to work) are most likely to waste time resolving workplace conflicts. The report created by Workforce Institute at Kronos, suggests that companies help their people in emanating distractions and to be more efficient, should be at least open to the idea of a four day work week.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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