Women Are More Likely Than Men To Ditch Their Date If They Don't Support The Same Sport Team

September 7, 2018

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When it comes to relationship, there is a lot of give and take and differing viewpoints you grow to appreciate. But when it comes to passionate sports fans, women more than men are turned off if you are not a fan of their team! While some partners choose to fake their fandom to please the other, a recent survey found that almost 22% of women wouldn't date a dude who rooted for a rival team, whereas only 15% of men said the same. While men were less likely to dump their partners for not rooting for the same team as them, many of them do wish that their partners shared their general enthusiasm for sports. Almost a third of men wish that their partners were more interested in sports. In fact, they want them to be interested in sports so badly that they admitted they'd be willing to either gain 10 pounds or add 20 minutes to their commutes in order for their partners to share their interest. A pretty significant 40.7% of men also said that it's more important for their partner to root for the same team as them than it would be for their partner to share the same religion. If that weren’t intense enough, nearly 22% of those passionate fans have turned down romantic encounters to watch a game!

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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