Waxing Woman Accidentally Glues Together Her Armpit

June 7, 2019


Don't you hate it when you accidently glue your armpit together? Not a commonly uttered phrase but it is a risk associated with body waxing. Kiera Stirton knows it all too well as she managed to glue her armpit together thanks to an attempt to wax away her hair. Kiera tried to do some at-home waxing as a surprise for her boyfriend, but things didn’t go to plan. She shared photos and video showing her armpit firmly stuck with bright red wax on social media and eventually she had the courage to rip the wax away, which left her with a cut in her armpit and some bruising. However if you find yourself in a similar situation, experts say to use an oil, such as baby, olive or mineral oil. Saturate a cotton ball with the oil and hold it on the waxy spot for about 30 seconds. The oil should be able to seep between the wax and your skin to loosen the wax.

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