Disinfectant Wipes Are Still Hard To Find

August 7, 2020

© Edith Layland | Dreamstime

Clorox announced this week that they won't be able to keep up with demand for disinfectant wipes until sometime next year. Prior to coronavirus, disinfectant wipes had a generally small audience of super cleaners who purchased and used them on a regular basis.  COVID-19 changed all that and in a short time and the industry has been playing catchup ever since.  Besides wipes, Clorox says they are struggling to keep up demand for also running behind on other pandemic-related supplies, including liquid bleach, but expects those will be back in stock over the next four to six months. The disinfectant wipes will take longer. Until then, the CDC recommends cleaning high-touch surfaces with any household cleaner, and if you want extra protection, to use any of the coronavirus disinfectants on the EPA’s “List N.” This may mean keeping a spray bottle and a roll of paper towels in your car or diaper bag, instead of a pack of Clorox wipes, but it will still do the job.  

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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