Why You Shouldn't Flush Used Eye Contacts Down The Drain

August 21, 2018

© Gvictoria | Dreamstime

Contact wearers are being asked not to dispose of their used contact down the drain. it is estimated that 45 million Americans, that’s 1 in 5 people, dispose of their used contracts by flushing down the toilet or tossing them down the drain, causing additional plastic to wind up in our sewage system and reach wastewater treatment plants. The problem is the plastic used in the lenses does not degrade. Studies reviewed how the bacteria found in treatment plants interacts with 11 lens polymer types. It found that none are able to break down the plastic and eventually those lenses end up in the ocean. The concern is aquatic life will consume these plastics, which research shows absorbs pollutants (like mercury) in the water, causing them to accumulate in fish, which may eventually make their way into our bodies when we eat them. However the impact on human health remains to be seen. The best course of action, for now, is to throw them away. Landfills are designed to keep trash contained from contaminating ground water and leaching potentially harmful compounds from entering the food chain.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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