Why We Call Loved Ones By The Wrong Name

November 25, 2019

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Many of us have been called the wrong name by a parent, have confused the names of our closest friends or even called out new love by the name of an ex! But while social etiquette dictates we correctly identity the individuals closest to us, errors occur more frequently than we would like, known as misnaming. The most common misnaming reported was a parent using the wrong sibling’s name followed by calling a friend by the wrong name. Less common misnaming incidents included children being called the family pet’s name by their parents. Why might this occur? Misnaming typically occurs within a close social group, such as a family of friends. In short, our minds gather information about people, places, and things and sometimes parts of this information doesn't arrive in time.  Our fondness for those close with us means our mind will grab a name even though we know it is not the correct one.  As to why we use names of some people over others is how close they are to you in life. It explains why you may call you spouse your dog's name or why your mother called you by your sister's name. So, the next time you call someone you love the wrong name, don’t fret: It’s just a sign that you are lucky enough to have multiple loved ones to keep track of.  And don't worry, misnaming does not appear to be an indicator of aging or of the cognitive decline typically associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

SOURCE: Quartz

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