An Ingenious Way High Volume Restrooms Reduce Wait Times

March 29, 2019

© Rosco | Dreamstime

A trip to Walt Disney World is a bucket list item for many people and starting Monday (4/1/19), you can enter our contest to see if you can win tickets!  However you attend, Walt Disney World has ways to spread magic to make the popular (and often crowded) parks an enjoyable experience for all.  One strange phenomenon is the unusually short lines to use the restroom, even for the ladies room! But the magic in keeping lines for the restroom short is actually a pretty simple feat; there are no mirrors!  While most public restroom contain a mirror over the sink area, A Walt Disney Cast member anonymously confirmed that most of its theme park restroom are mirrorless, beyond the one larger mirror near the exit. By eliminating a the potential bottleneck of people checking themselves in the mirror as they ostensibly wash their hands and moving people through the stall-then-sink process more quickly. In fact most high-flow restrooms have eliminated the mirrors from in front of the sink for this very reason. So a little magic fully explained to make your trip truly a magical experience!

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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