This Is Why You Should Be Adding Sugar Before Cream In Your Coffee

March 29, 2019


As we find out from time to time on this show, things we've done the same every day of our lives has been wrong!  This time it involves hot coffee or tea and for many drinkers it involves flavoring your coffee/tea with cream and/or sugar.  However we should be thinking about sugar first and there's a simple reason why.  Sugar dissolves more evenly in hot liquids than cold.  It's why every recipe from Jell-O to Kool-Aid has you dissolve the flavor crystals in hot water first.  You see if you are adding cold cream to your coffee/tea, you are lowering the temperature a bit, which means your sugar granules will end up at the bottom of your cup.  This also means you will be adding more sugar to get the desired taste. So add the sugar to hot coffee/tea, give it a stir, and then add in the cream.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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