Why Dogs Roll Around in Filth

November 28, 2018

© Sergey Lavrentev | Dreamstime

Dog owners can count in seconds of how fast man's best friend will find something putrid to roll around in while having the time of their life. Some dogs seem to be obsessed with finding piles of dirty laundry, garbage, feces, or even straight-up dirt and mud to bathe in. But why? Your dog's ancestors would usually roll around in dirty things to either hide their scent so that they could sneak up on their prey, or to mark their territory to show others that they had been there. Most pet experts believe today's dogs roll around to secure bragging rights to other pets of where they've been.  In dog,. it could be a conversation starter! Although it's disgusting, this behavior is totally normal, so it's best to prepare their surroundings for the eventual rolling and rubbing. Make sure your yard is clean from poop or excessive mud or anything else your dog might want to get into. But that is near impossible when at the Dog Park out for a walk.  In these cases you can try to cause an "annoyance," such as making a loud and sudden noise whenever they start rolling in something nasty, to signal to them that you're not having fun.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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