Whole Nuts Do Not Have As Many Calories As Once Thought

January 16, 2020

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Whole nuts have fewer calories than was previously thought.  Research over the past few years have proven that nuts do not pack as many calories as once thought. A calorie is a measure of energy and our bodies can get about 9 usable calories out of each gram of fat in our food, 4 calories out of each gram of protein and 11 calories out of a gram of carbohydrates. Scientists have made adjustments to the calculations over the years to account for the fact that each food gets digested a bit differently. But nobody looked too closely at whole nuts until recently. Whole nuts have particularly tough cell walls that lock away nutrients from digesting in our bodies. If you eat nuts that are chopped up or that are ground into almond butter, you’re getting pretty much all the good stuff. But whole nuts often leave your body with many of their nutrient-containing cells still intact. That's caused scientists to revise the calorie count for whole nuts. Whole cashews have 16% fewer calories than previously thought, walnuts have 21% fewer, and almonds have 32% fewer.  So if you eat whole nuts, they’re not quite as high in calories as you probably thought.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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