When A Cough Becomes A Concern

January 2, 2019

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There is a lot of people coughing, especially this time of the year.  But a cough doesn't necessarily mean you are getting sick. Coughing is the number one reason people go to the doctor, according to WebMD, accounting for more than 30 million visits every year. But how do you know when your cough is something to worry about or just something to wait out? The key is first to determine why you're coughing. You reflexively cough to eject things that aren't supposed to be in your body, which include viruses and bacterial infections. However coughing can be caused by postnasal drip, allergies, acid reflux and even some medications, laryngitis and lung inflammation, can trigger a cough. Most coughs are annoying but harmless and will eventually go away on their own. But if you can't figure out the cause of your cough or if you have been coughing for several weeks with no improvement, it's time to call your doctor, especially if you are coughing up thick, greenish-yellow or blood-tinged phlegm, wheezing, having trouble breathing, chocking and/or have a fever higher than 100°F.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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