AllSides Provides New Stories From Multiple Political Perspectives

July 25, 2019

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Yesterday we talked about a new survey that found that over 2/3 of Americans distrust each other and that a lot of this mistrust is blamed political figues and on media bias on their reporting. It’s important to know what’s going on in the world and equally important is that you understand these events from multiple perspectives, especially if you tend to favor news sources that support your own points of view. That's where the website, AllSides, can help. It provides three reputable articles summarizing every major current event: one article from a left-leaning publication, one from a right-leaning publication, and one from a centrist publication. The site creators have rated the bias on nearly 600 media outlets and writers and with blind surveys of people across the political spectrum, multi-partisan analysis, editorial reviews, third party data, and tens of thousands of user feedback ratings, are able to present separate and valid views on current political topics so that you, on your own, can take in news while avoid biases and reach your own conclusions.

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SOURCE: Likfehacker

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