Website Platforms Pairs Paying Freelance Jobs For Those On Family Leave From Work

August 9, 2018

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While employers are required to offer 12 weeks of family leave, 88% of workers have no access to paid maternity leave or paid paternity leave in America.  Add to that 43% of women leave the workforce after having children and do not return due to what's call the "material wall" of discrimination against working mothers (harassed for taking time off to care for kids, etc.). However your family's finances don't have to be in jeopardy any longer. The Mom Project is a career platform that connects moms (and dads) with flexible work—freelance or contract projects, remote positions, reentry programs and opportunities to fill gaps created by parental leaves of absence while making income. The jobs are pretty lucrative too with positions ranging from a contract-based project manager, a proofreader for an ad agency, to a remote Internet engineer. Parents just create a free profile and are matched with opportunities that meet their needs. The Mom Project is the latest in a growing sector of remote job platforms to accommodate parents who are seeking flexible work hours while caring for newborns and raising their families.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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