How To Buy Returned Amazon Items For Big Savings

January 23, 2019

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One of the perks of Amazon Prime membership is the company's liberal return policy.  With returns accepted up to 30 days after purchase, it's one of the longest windows for you to receive a full refund on returned items.  By comparison, while traditional brick-and-mortar stores received about 9% of sold items returned, online retailers can see as many as 30% of sales returned.  While many items, such as clothing, can be re-sold as new, many items cannot and that means with a little digging, you can save big time!  There are several liquidation web sites that re-sell returned items from Amazon, Walmart, Target Home Depot and other retailers at huge savings, upwards of 90% off the original retail price.  That's the good news.  The bad news is these online auction sites sell returned products in bundles.  For instance, at, you can purchase Sony noise cancelling wireless headphones at 70% off retail. However they're three different models that are sold in a set of 7 that range in retail price from $199 to $349. But with a minimum bid of $500 and a retail price of the seven pieces (with 90 days manufacturer warranty) totaling $1,649, you can see that buying in bulk will save you.  While owning 7 pairs of headphones may not be practical unless you plan to flip and re-sell them yourself, the web site do have bundles for babies, kitchens and clothing that can snag you thousands of pieces for pennies on the dollar. Many sites offer fixed pricing and others leave it to you to pay for shipping. One word of advice from the pros, the longer the retailer’s return period is, the worse the quality the returns may be. See what's out there.  Here's a list on online web sites that re-sell returned items (CLICK HERE).

SOURCE: Yahoo!

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