Cut Down Your Search Time With These Handy (And Free) Video Searching Web Sites

September 14, 2018


It is true that you can have too much of a good thing.  How much of your entertainment time is used to sift through the thousands of movies and TV shows available through Netflix, Hulu and other online streaming video services. There are easier ways to find out what’s streaming and while many devices will look through multiple services to find specific titles, hopping on to your computer can not only save you search time, but some can alert you when a title on your list hits a streaming service, or if the price drops if you are looking to buy it. Reelgood tracks 60 different streaming services and is easy to use. When you sign up, just check boxes of the streaming services you use. Then you can browse by title or genre, or simply scroll through rows of recommended content, organized under headings such as “What’s Popular,” “Trending,” and “New.” Once you find a show or movie you want to a watch, just press the play button and it will start playing from that service’s site. It has a follow feature for your favorite episode shows. It will build a lineup of unwatched episodes and get notified when new ones are available. Good news for Apple TV is there is an app you can download to your device and bypass your computer.  The company is working on an Android and Roku app. Can I Stream It is another online service.  This service takes your TV watching to another level as it also tracks DVD rentals (yes Redbox still exists & Netflix still sends DVDs). The site lets you know which service carries the movie or series you’re looking for, whether it’s available free anywhere, and how much you’ll pay if you resort to renting or buying it. Go Watch It adds a social feature so you can see what other people are watching. All are free to use and easy to navigate.  So stop searching and start watching!

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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