Web Extensions Block "Helpful" Pop-up Windows

March 20, 2019

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Who could forget Clippy?  In the earlier days of Microsoft's Office programs, the "friendly" assistant would pop up and notice that you were trying to write a letter or navigate a page and would offer to help.  Clippy may be gone but that hasn't stopped the flood of popup menus offering to help you, signup for a newsletter or take a survey.  As with Clippy, those pop-up are annoying when you're trying to get information or complete a project. Fortunately there is some new browser extensions that block those "helpful" pop-ups from loading. The Hello, Goodbye extension is one of them that blocks chat pop-ups from 16 different chat providers on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. While there are many extensions that block all ads, Hello, Goodbye targets just a few, which should prevent many web sites from denying access unless you turn off your ad blocker.  The web extensions is free.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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