The Web Extension That Spots And Flags Fake Photos

August 28, 2018

© Albund | Dreamstime

It’s easier than ever to get fooled online, especially by photos. While it's easy to pick out a bad Photoshop job, sophisticated editing can make doctored images look like legitimate photojournalism, and a surprising number of the viral images that show up in our social media feeds are at best misleadingly taken out of context, and at worst, completely doctored. That’s where SurfSafe comes in. The new browser extension helps flag fake or misleading images as you surf the web. SurfSafe allows users to cross-reference where photos have shown up before online. It compares images with similar photos from news organizations, fact-checking sites, and reports from its users to determine whether you should trust what you’re seeing. It flags images as either “safe,” “warning,” or “unsafe” depending on whether there are other versions of the photo out there that show a substantially different image and whether it’s been the subject of any controversy. The free extension is available for Chrome browsers and a very useful took that you can use to stop the spread of fake news. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SURFSAFE EXTENSION FOR CHROME.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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