Stop Being Late All The Time

September 12, 2019

Being late once is understandable. Being frequently or even “occasionally” late is rude. It’s time to get back on schedule with some easy methods you can do to be punctual. The first thing to do is stop explaining why you are late. If you don’t allow yourself to make excuses, you’ll stop letting yourself off the hook. And you’ll realize how often you’ve been handing out reasons as if everyone didn’t already know them. Instead of focusing on causes, apologize for the effect of your lateness (apologize for delaying the meeting or for letting everyone down). Delete something from your schedule. One per day, or one per week, depending on how dire your lateness is. Don’t fill that time with anything else. When you have that free time, use it to get ready for the next appointment. Calculate how much your lateness costs you. If you’re paid hourly, find out how much less you make when you clock in late. If you take more expensive modes of transportation, calculate the cost difference. See how much you spend each year on lateness. Think about your most chronically late friend or colleague. Gin up all the frustration you’ve ever felt with them, all the disdain. Wow, kind of harsh on your friend, but now think about other people feeling that way toward you. Avoid it. Now for the physical stuff. Set multiple alarms, wake up earlier and begin your morning routine immediately (no more snooze) and am to leave 15 minutes before you'd normally.  You can adjust the time based on your arrival. Finally do much of your morning prep the night before. Pick out your outfit, set breakfast dishes while you clean up from dinner. If you work on these goals, you'll no longer be chronically late!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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