Little Ways To Save Big When Shopping On Amazon

September 24, 2018

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Who doesn’t like to save money?  It's one of the reasons you became an Amazon Prime member. But beyond the free two-day shipping, there are other ways to save when shopping Amazon. For instance, if you use the "subscribe & save" function of items you order on a regular basis (toothpaste, batteries, etc.), you'll not only save time you can order those items at a discounted rate. If you can survive waiting a few more days, Amazon Prime members who opt for no-rush shipping when they check out will score rewards for discounts on future Amazon purchases. As soon as the item ships, a credit, usually about five bucks will automatically posts to your account you can use on your next Amazon order. Amazon Reload is a pre-payment plan and you can save that way too. If you load your account with a lump sum balance directly from your checking account, Amazon will add an extra 2% of what you added whenever you reload. So if you pre-pay $200 to your Amazon account and they'll give you $4 for free. Have you discovered Amazon's coupon page? If you type amazon dot com slash coupons in your web browser address bar, you'll see pages of online coupons. Just click on it and your coupon is ready to save you money!

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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